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Religion • Social Studies • Language Arts • Mathematics • Science (with a lab) • Art • Music
Physical Education • Computer Lab


Student Council • Music • Altar Serving • Athletics Program


Basketball • Volleyball • Track • Flag Football • Cheerleading


• 2003 CYO Basketball Champions
• 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010 1st Place Jamz National Cheerleading Competition


We as educators, believe that every child has the need to be formed spiritually, to love and be loved, to achieve according to his/her abilities, talents, and desires; to which is based on self-respect, self-confidence, and self-discipline guided by a Christian way of life.

The faculty strives to foster the growth and maturation of the child through Christian formation, pursuit of academic excellence, and the cultivation of a positive attitude toward self and others.

In the religion program, a thoroughly Catholic education is provided, integrating Gospel values throughout the curriculum, sharing the goodness of God, and facilitating the growth of faith within our students.  The students are inspired to worship and deepen their love of God, to love one’s neighbor as oneself, and to develop skills necessary to make appropriate moral decisions in the home, school, parish, social and civil societies.

In the language arts program, students will progressively become avid readers by fostering a love of literature.  In addition, they will develop effective communication skills, which will emphasize correct use of the English language.  Students will inculcate courtesy in discussions, develop correct values in the selection of worthwhile reading materials, and establish standards of evaluating the media.  As they build on a solid foundation, they will transfer the use of these basic tools into clear concise composition and creative literary ideas.

The mathematics program provides students with knowledge of fundamental and challenging mathematical concepts and their application in a technical, complex, and highly competitive society, and attempts to foster a continual interest in mathematics. 

In the social science program, students and teachers will explore the history and principles of democracy in the United States, and how its citizens have worked together to try to solve its problems.  The contributions, culture, and tribulations of the diverse world population will be discussed, and students will come to see how all-ethnic groups should be respected.  Students will also become cognizant of the major geographical features of the world.

In the science program, students are given the opportunity to understand, appreciate, and explore the wonders of God’s creations.  It provides concept development, which enables students to make use of these creations for the advancement of people in a way that is in acceptance with the standards of Christian living.  Students are given opportunities to use scientific principles to investigate, observe, and draw conclusions about their environment, both biological and physical.

The physical education programs, as well as health and safety services, are provided to ensure a sound basis for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of each student.  Students learn basic skills and participate in calisthenics, aerobics, and other exercises, which develop coordination and physical fitness.

The music and arts programs provide students with the opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic value of the arts.  These programs enable them to praise and to worship God in song, and to develop skills, insight, and appreciation for the relationship of the arts to daily living.  In addition, it gives students an opportunity to express their creativity through a variety of media.  Students are made to feel that there is an artist in each of them.

We believe that each student’s potential can be realized even though student potential differs in capabilities to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We, as educators, have a responsibility and duty to develop and supply the means by which each student can successfully achieve set goals.

It is our belief that the parent is primary educator.  Therefore, the home and school work in close partnership to provide a foundation on which to build a successful educational program.  Parental involvement is an essential component, which inspires maximum achievement at every level.


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